Kunarice is born in the virgin lands of Iturbe- Paraguay, bathed with crystal clear waters from the Tebicuary river, making it a rich gluten free grain with high contents of fiber.  Harvested by Finca Don Morales, Kunarice is 100% certified organic, from our fields to your table.

'Kuna' means "to give" in Quechua, an indigenous language from the Andean Region.  Rice is a fundamental food to many cultures and feeds over half of the world’s population.  Kunarice gives you an excellent choice for nutritional value and traceable food.


Great Source of Energy

Essential source of niacin, vitamin D, vitamin B1, calcium, fiber, iron, thiamine and riboflavin

Helps digestion

Helps reduce high blood pressure

Stabilizes blood sugar levels

Slow downs aging process

Increases metabolism

Boosts immune system

Cholesterol Free

Gluten Free

100% Certified Organic